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ראשון לציון

FCT : End-of-Line Product Ensure

Design ,development and production of FCT systems (Functional tester)

  • Identifying functional defects providing a pass/fail determination on finished PCBs

  • Sensory systems of LED On/Off Detection, Color ,Intensity , Vibration and Sound.

  • Mechanical pneumatic and manual fixtures for actuation input systems

Improvements resulting from Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

  • Improved quality with exact custom tailored system.

  • Shortens cycle time from design to production.

  • Reduce costs while allowing more flexibility.

Benefits of Automated Product Ensure Tests

  • Eliminating the option of user errors.

  • Definitive diagnosis of assembly line status is sent to the client online.

  • Quality assurance that saves time and money.

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